Thursday, May 18, 2006

What Is CAD/CAM?

To answer the question about CAD/CAM, Cad is computer aided Design or Drafting, this can be from architectural, manufacturing etc.... CAM is Computer Aided Machining or Manufacturing, usually a offline software (Mastercam) that is capable designing and programming parts and compiling the program language through what is called a Post Processor into CNC language, Computer Numerical Control. This allows a manufacturing company to efficiently manufacture or make the parts with the offline CAD/CAM system and send the program to a CNC machine( Mill, Lathe, WireEDM etc..). Most of todays Manufacturing companies have to have this in place to survive against overseas competition. here at with our expert staff we handle many different types of manufacturing from plastic injection to motorcycle parts anything inbetween. Engineering Solutions currently handles education and programming services as well as Post processor editing. We do On-site Mastercam Training and carry Mastercam Training CD's in Multi-media video at


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